Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Free deals, steals and offers!

Register with Juice Juice to get a free sippy cup! I got my cup about 2 weeks after signing up!

To get wonderful free stuff and really great coupons sent straight to your mailbox join Procter & Gambles website

Want to earn free gift cards and restaurant gift certificates? Leave me a comment with your email and I will refer you to the survey and email for pay sites I belong to! Plus...get rewarded with points for printing and redeeming coupons!!! I have paid for ALL of the Chiristmas presents for my kids, hubby, and parents with the cards I've earned the past 3 years!

Walmart always runs free samples on their website at Last I checked they were giving samples of dog treats and vitamins.

Register with Taster's Choice to try Taster's Choice on them! I signed up and received a nice packet with sampling of their instant coffee.

Free Right Guard deodorant!

Right now Walmart has Right Guard deodorant for $2.50. If you use the buy one get one free coupons from this weeks Red Plum coupon insert plus 2 coupons for $1.50 off from (coupon is at the bottom right and you can print it twice) Combine the coupons and both are free! If your local Walmart will only let you use the BOGO and one $1.50 off coupon you can still get them for $.50 a piece!

Thanks to Deal Seeking Mom and Money Saving Mom !!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Super excited about my trip to Target!

I probably shouldn't be this excited about my trip but I can't help it! I LOVE saving money and it makes me so proud I can stretch money for my family. Last night I researched Target's deals on several sites ( my fav from my search was ) I printed out coupons on that matched their sales and on I ended up with a total of $33.04. I handed my quite large stack of coupons to the cashier and ended up with a grand total of $12.08 after taxes! Not bad!!! Can't wait til the end of the week to see the new sales and do some more frugal shopping!!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Trying to be a frugal shopper try #1

Well after some inspiration from friends who shop taking advantage of weekly deals and coupons to get items for free or next to nothing I decided to start researching the matter to see if I could try it out myself. After a few hours on the net googling my head off I came across enough info to get me started. Today I went to CVS with a few coupons and a pretty good idea in my head of how to pull things off. So today for under 27 dollars I got a big box of Pampers Swaddlers, 2 Nuetrogena Baby Sunblock sticks, a box of Kotex liners, 2 containers of Arm and hammer laundry detergent, a refill of Lysol and a Dove chocolate bar. Plus I walked out with 2 dollars in Extra Bucks plus an offer for 4 more Extra Bucks (which I got as soon as I got home). So.... this is how I did it.
I had to make 3 seperate ring outs but the cashier didn't seem to mind. First I bought the 2 Neutrogena sunblock sticks which totaled 17.98 which got me $10 Extra Bucks and a pack of 50 ct Kotex liners for $4.99 which got me $4.99 in Extra Bucks. I had researched ahead of time and had also printed out coupons for all the products which gave me an additional $5 off. So total of ring out 1 was $18 with $15 in Extra Bucks! Not bad considering after Extra Bucks I really only spent 3 dollars! My number 2 ring out consisisted of a 92 count box of Pampers Swadlers which was on sale for 21.99 and you received $10 in Extra Bucks. I also had a coupon for $1.50 off. So I used my previous 14.99 in Extra Bucks plus my coupon to pay a total of $7.04 for the diapers and then got another $10 back in Extra Bucks...once again not bad it was like I made $3 off the deal. Finally for my number 3 ring out I bought 2 bottles of Arm and Hammer detergent that was 2 for $7 with a $2 Extra Bucks reward and a bottle of Lysol. At the register I was 50 cents short of the $10 Extra Bucks I had from the Pampers so I threw in a Dove chocolate bar. After using my Extra Bucks I had to pay a whopping total of 67 cents in tax and that was it! Plus I came home with $2 in Extra Bucks for next week! I felt quite good about my trip and can't wait to try again next week. Target is also having a lot of super deals this week so I think that may be my next trip!