Monday, July 26, 2010

Trying to be a frugal shopper try #1

Well after some inspiration from friends who shop taking advantage of weekly deals and coupons to get items for free or next to nothing I decided to start researching the matter to see if I could try it out myself. After a few hours on the net googling my head off I came across enough info to get me started. Today I went to CVS with a few coupons and a pretty good idea in my head of how to pull things off. So today for under 27 dollars I got a big box of Pampers Swaddlers, 2 Nuetrogena Baby Sunblock sticks, a box of Kotex liners, 2 containers of Arm and hammer laundry detergent, a refill of Lysol and a Dove chocolate bar. Plus I walked out with 2 dollars in Extra Bucks plus an offer for 4 more Extra Bucks (which I got as soon as I got home). So.... this is how I did it.
I had to make 3 seperate ring outs but the cashier didn't seem to mind. First I bought the 2 Neutrogena sunblock sticks which totaled 17.98 which got me $10 Extra Bucks and a pack of 50 ct Kotex liners for $4.99 which got me $4.99 in Extra Bucks. I had researched ahead of time and had also printed out coupons for all the products which gave me an additional $5 off. So total of ring out 1 was $18 with $15 in Extra Bucks! Not bad considering after Extra Bucks I really only spent 3 dollars! My number 2 ring out consisisted of a 92 count box of Pampers Swadlers which was on sale for 21.99 and you received $10 in Extra Bucks. I also had a coupon for $1.50 off. So I used my previous 14.99 in Extra Bucks plus my coupon to pay a total of $7.04 for the diapers and then got another $10 back in Extra Bucks...once again not bad it was like I made $3 off the deal. Finally for my number 3 ring out I bought 2 bottles of Arm and Hammer detergent that was 2 for $7 with a $2 Extra Bucks reward and a bottle of Lysol. At the register I was 50 cents short of the $10 Extra Bucks I had from the Pampers so I threw in a Dove chocolate bar. After using my Extra Bucks I had to pay a whopping total of 67 cents in tax and that was it! Plus I came home with $2 in Extra Bucks for next week! I felt quite good about my trip and can't wait to try again next week. Target is also having a lot of super deals this week so I think that may be my next trip!

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