Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Shutterfly photo cards!

Hey everyone! It's coming to be that time of year again! Time to get ready with the Christmas cards! Shutterfly is offering some great deals on Christmas photo cards at . I have ordered from them in the past and they really come out beautifully! My favorites this year are the frosted frame (light blue with lots of pretty snowflakes) and the fun holiday window card! I also love the Golly Holly Jolly card! You can't go wrong with any of their designs!!! Plus they are so much cheaper than going to get them printed at a photo shop. You never have to leave your house to get them either!!!! That's always a plus this time of year. Simply go to to upload your favorite pictures. They also have some really great photo gifts! Check out their wall calendars at They also have photo mugs at I personally am a fan of photo mugs for presents for parents and grandparents! What better than a personalized gift! I will be ordering my Christmas cards from them soon and once I receive them I'll be sure to post a picture so you can all see how wonderful they come out!!! Happy photoing everyone and have a very happy holiday season! Don't forget to check out all the rest of their great products at After you order be sure to post some pics of your gifts for me!

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  1. I was planning on ordering soon... Ill let you know how they come out.